The CELBAN Readiness Self-Assessment was developed by the Centre for Canadian Language Benchmarks to help internationally educated nurses determine their readiness to take the CELBAN.

By self-assessing your current language skills you will be better prepared for and better informed about the format and content of the official CELBAN.

This self-assessment is not designed to provide you with a Canadian Language Benchmarks level to be used as an official score. The CELBAN Readiness Self-Assessment is designed to give you an idea of your readiness to take the CELBAN.

The assessment includes:

The listening and reading part of the online assessment will take approximately 70 minutes to complete. You will need access to a printer to print materials used in the assessment.

The optional writing and speaking part will take approximately 30 minutes to complete. Please note, the form filling exercise (while watching a video) is no longer a task on the official CELBAN.

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